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With Z-Cron scheduler you can execute tasks on your computer automatically and time-controlled
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14 August 2008

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Often fast moving professional lives tend to inculcate absent-mindedness in individuals and hence at times we may forget about crucial meetings and events of our lives. In order to keep ourselves aligned with our schedules, a reminding assistance is must for all of us. If you are also looking for an effective reminding tool, then you can try Z-Cron Englisch The software helps you in presetting daily, weekly and monthly tasks, and schedules them easily with the provided features. The configurations of the program help you in recalling the events as per your requirements.

Z-Cron Englisch presents the feature list on the left panel and the sub-features on the right, making it easy for the users to work and switch between them. The very first feature present on the left panel is ‘Desktop’; it makes it easy for you to go to the desktop just by simple click. Clicking on the ‘Task’ option, you can add new task by filling the related description, set the schedule, and enable the application to execute programs with specific user account. These features are easily accessible as they appear in a separate dialog box when you click on ‘Task’. Next is the ‘Logfile’ option which presents you the record of the activities. Further if you want to check for the current day’s tasks, you’re provided ‘Today’ option. Coming to the configuration part, you can modify the settings for Start, E-mail, Network, Backup, Time, Z-Tools, Language and Zip. To notify you of the set task, the application presents pop-up window displaying a message.

The Z-Cron Englisch is a task organizer cum central control centre that supports task tracking, and software scheduling automatically. Rated with 3 points, the application offers inimitable performance in recording the task, reminding them and keeping our schedules on track.

Publisher's description

With Z-Cron scheduler you can execute tasks on your computer automatically and time-controlled. Z-Cron is a central control centre for time-controlling and automation of software. Z-Cron scheduler does not only start other applications but can also show popup windows with reminder text messages on the screen or shut down the system time-controlled.
Z-Cron Englisch
Z-Cron Englisch
Version 4.4
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User comments
This is a very useful scheduler with many options, such as scheduling downloads, uploads, turning computers on a network on and off, unzipping files, deleting recyle bin, cache and tons of others. The tasks are easy to set up and you can set them daily, weekly, hourly or whatever you want. The install had some directions in German but it was still easy to do (use a translate program or google to translate if need be - if you install a lot of programs just follow normal steps) but everything is in English once it is installed and their website is in English. I`ve had this for a few months and I love it. Although I didn`t download it from here, the program I downloaded was very safe and virus free.
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